From Victoria Dress with love

From Victoria Dress with love

I must confess that I love long dresses. I have buied one and i figured out that this is the dress type for me. My first long dress was ordered from online store I have buied it as a prom dresses uk model, and now I want to give it to a friend of mine that is getting married, as a gift. I believe that it fits as a wedding dress too, don’t you?


With this ocassion I have chose two cheap prom dresses. One I will wear at the civil and religious wedding and one at the restaurant.

I think that the blue dress is more likely to be weared in day time. Blue is my favourite color, I also like the cut and pattern, and the sparkling parts attached to it. The dress is very long, made out of vale, with a satin band in the weist, that has the role to thin it. When we will make photos I am sure that I will stand out, so I will have great memories.


The night dress is red, and although I have fiind many models, I have chose this one. Ussualy I like to dance when I go to a party. When I look good I feel even better. To catch all the fun the dress must be comfortable too, not just beautifull. It is hard to find a dress that can have both, but this one has it all. To me the corset and the braces make me feel safe, and the dress won’t slide down. The veils from the bottom part that have different sizes will let me move all night.


All the dresses have a signifiant discount so I could buy both. There are many models as beautiful as this ones, have you looked?


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